What is Google Remarketing?

Building a website (and crossing your fingers) will never be enough for the top executive who wants their brand to be a market leader with an online presence that resonates to front of mind status among their target audience. Learn how Google Remarketing can give your brand the advantage with laser-targeted & cost-effective campaigns.

Studies have shown that 98% of website visitors don’t make a purchase or engage the services of a brand during their initial visit to their website. How can companies and brands make their target audience do a double-take?

Google Ads Remarketing is a powerful online marketing tool that allows websites to gain insights from their users based on how they interact with the site (even if they didn’t make a purchase). 

Google Remarketing uses the valuable knowledge gained about the website user to create laser-targeted and cost-effective campaigns that bring them back to your site to seal the deal, buy or engage your brand’s services.

Website visitors who have already left your site will see your brand’s targeted ads popping up while they’re browsing other websites and watching YouTube videos for instance, encouraging your target audience to take a second look, keep your brand top-of-mind and urge them to revisit your website.

Your brand’s stronger online presence in front of your target audience while they browse through the internet, at the very least creates brand awareness.

With your brand more visible to your target audience, you become more familiar, more engaging and more likely to convince them to do business with you.