The Signature Design Process by VERGE

UX doesn’t live inside our phones or our websites. We need to step way outside of those devices to understand what people are doing in the real world.

Matt Hryhorsky

VERGE proudly embraces UXD by applying this invaluable human-centred design process to its web design projects and other major service solutions.

In this way, VERGE endeavours to raise the bar of our design services and ensure the following UXD characteristics are addressed in all our digital projects:

  • UsefulDoes it do something people need done?
  • LearnableCan people figure out how to use it?
  • Memorable –  Do they have to relearn it each time they use it?
  • EffectiveDoes it get the job done?
  • EfficientDoes it get the job done with a reasonable amount of time and effort?
  • DesirableDo people want it?
  • DelightfulIs using it enjoyable, or even fun?
  • AccessibleMaking your product, app or website accessible means you don’t just design for fully able-bodied users but consider those who are sight, hearing, touch, motion or learning impaired.

Our clients benefit from a deeper understanding of the critical needs and goals of their current and prospective users as VERGE integrate our signature ‘Discovery Phase’.  This is facilitated by our team and cuts through internal stakeholder politics, subjective issues and informs projects objectively so that the engagement of the user remains a centre-point in project outcomes.